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I'm still angry. Angry and hurt, and ready to move on with my life. I'm not sure if that's a horrible thing to say or not, but the more I think about the situation, the worse I feel.

I think everyone still thinks him to be a good guy, but I can't anymore. I think about what happened, and my history, and I get MAD. I think back to how things were before it all fell apart and I get even madder! Mostly at myself.

I've got these kids to take care of, and a house to keep in order, so I can't let myself get depressed again. I really just want to move somewhere and disappear... a fresh start.

I'm wondering what he's telling everyone, and if I should delete our joint friends from my facebook. I wonder if I should delete his family. They did help out last year, but everything dropped off after that. My family has been awesome, but I wait for the day that they stop helping. I'm stressing about stuff so much I can't concentrate in my classes.

And if anyone wants to know what happened, I will talk privately. I don't know how he expects me not to tell anyone.

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what's going on? whatever it is seems like a terrible situation.:-(

I'm sorry you and I lost touch for so long. Facebook doesn't always count. I won't lie and say I'm not curious, but I'm always willing to be an ear if you just need to talk at someone. All the hugs to you.

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