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The icing on the cake? I hope this is it, anyway
So, this morning, my eyeglasses snapped in half.  There is no way I can fix them, and we really can't afford another pair at the crazy prices the stores charge.  (I have a high prescription, so even online retailers charge me extra).

We can't pay rent, the baby is due any day, and there's no way we can afford to do anything for Christmas.  All of this because I can't work right now.

Also, Gigi has a cold or something and I hate when she's sick :(  I just want her to smile and laugh at me.

In good news?  It's finally cold outside which means I'm finally comfortable.  The summer/fall months were torture this year.

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*hugs* I'm sorry things are so rough right now. Is there some way we can help?

*hugs* Thanks. I'm really not sure, but the hugs are much appreciated.

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