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just complaining
So, I've been in UVA because of preterm labor

I understand why I'm here, and really want a healthy baby, but...

well, I was moved to an uncomfortable room today, with walls with chipped paint and a funny smell, and if I'm going to be released soon IDK how we're going to manage.  We live on the third floor of our building, the hospital is 1.5 hours away and theres the 0 money problem.  Oh, and I miss my daughter :(  I'm supposed to start a new blood thinner, but to get it I have to walk all the way across the hospital campus (and I have a feeling I'm supposed to be on bedrest)

But who knows?  Maybe I'll get released with no restrictions, can go back to work and still have a job and manage to have a healthy baby!  And, theres people I've called about various types of help that aren't calling me back.   I wish I didn't need to even ask for help, but now I have to and realize it's impossible :/

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I'm sorry everything is difficult right now. Is there a hospital social worker you can talk to about some of the problems? They should at least be able to do something about you getting your med without having to walk all the way across the campus - maybe have someone transport you in a wheelchair.

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